The Pedometer Challenge! (‘Walking for Wellbeing’)


The Pedometer Challenge!


This is a really popular activity with 34 members signed up so far and many more welcome. This activity consists of walking anywhere – it can be around the garden or around the house using your pedometer to measure your steps and even converting them into miles as you improve over time. Walks are ‘virtual’, in that people who take part are sent a report of a walk containing photos and maps or a walk somewhere else in the country before they start.  The walk leader then phones them at the end of the week to see how they got on and to note down the number of steps recorded by the walker’s pedometer.

From a ‘Dementia Friendly’ point of view, this activity has been particularly well received.  The weekly phonecall keeps people in touch socially and the places visited (even virtually), often provides a trigger for members to recall precious gems of memories – for example, perhaps it might be their last family holiday visit to Scotland, or how they enjoyed their honeymoon on the Isle of Wight in 1962.

There are plenty of pedometers available and the hub want to welcome many more people to take part in this worthwhile activity – our oldest walker is 93!

If you would like to learn more, please contact Carol Bainbridge on:

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