The story of the Borth Community Hub Mural!

At long last our mural here at Borth Community Hub is ready to hang on the wall outside the building!

All it requires now is a topcoat of varnish and some skilled and strong person to hang it up.

Enormous thanks go to our Youth Support Worker, Chris Corish for his leadership of this project which involved so many groups in true Borth Community Hub spirit.

What follows is the story of the mural with various photos depicting it in its different stages:

The project started last year during the Borth Community Hub ‘Summer of Fun’ which was  funded through Ceredigion County Council.  This gave local young people a wonderful opportunity to do something productive and fun during these difficult Covid weeks.

Chris Corish whose passion is art was charged with taking this forward. The story began when Chris wanted to see a depiction of the last mural on the current one.  The last one was done by Borth local and mural specialist, Dean Tweedy (@marvellousmurals) whose mural of a massive rainbow had been created about five or six years ago with the help of children in the village. So as not to lose this amazing piece of work and the contribution people made to it, Chris’s brother,  painstakingly depicted a miniature version of it on the current mural, so a massive thank you to him for enabling us to always remember this important community project.

One of the key contributors to our magnificent mural was Borth Youth Club. During the earliest stage of the project, members were asked about what they thought should be included and what they associated with Borth and these ideas formed the basis of this artwork.  The colourful picture depicts all of the groups of people that are associated with the Hub and lots of other Borth type stuff besides!

Note the marauding bandit of a seagull snatching a piece of pizza and the version of a ‘Loch Ness Monster’- (one curious youngster asked why we don’t have one?)

A very good question; well, we do now, so be careful, where you go paddling!

Finally, over the Christmas holidays, members of Chris’s family (the joys of having an artistic family!) helped to add the finishing touches to this vibrant and inspiring story.

I am sure there are too many people to thank for pulling this project together, but here are just a few to mention:

Chris Corish Art, @marvellousmurals, @companionartbyjenny, @sian_camera,, ‘borthyouthclub, @helenwills15, David, Gwyneth and Martin.

However, to sum up, the mural belongs to all of us who love Borth, the locality and the work and activities of the Community Hub – within it is a little bit of all of us!



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